Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.

Introduction: Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.

Too lazy to write this description now.

I made a reclaimed wood table and spent money only for the screws. Cut down assorted cupboard shelves, found some big logs in the forest, cut those too. Both with a jigsaw and wood blade. Note: a Jigsaw is not the right tool! It took FOREVER. I would use a "sawzall" reciprocating saw next time. Need to let fresh wood dry indoors for at least 1.5 yrs (without a kiln) and it may crack or split in the drying process. My logs did, but I didn't care. They are still structurally sound. Drilled it all together using 4 inch wood screws, and half inch little gold coloured ones for the top. Note the position of the little (top) screws. 2 screws/ plank on the edges, and all the way along. 2 pieces of reinforcement wood in the middle, equidistant from the sides. Very sturdy, no finishing required, that's how the shelves looked. I like that they are all different, and messed up. You want perfectly sanded go to ikea. Nature isn't perfectly sanded, nature gives you splinters and etc.

Step 1:

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