Reclaiming LED Light Fixtures

Introduction: Reclaiming LED Light Fixtures

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Well, it's been quite a while since I last posted a project. Lately, I've turned my hand ( and sanity !) to reclaiming condemned LED light fixtures, with some success. This time the fixtures came from elevator ceilings. Some had lost one or two LED's, a couple had died completely, and a couple of survivors.

Step 1: The Fixtures

First thing is figuring out how to get the fixtures apart. Turns out they were easy to open by gently peeling the front cover plate off, it was basiclly glued on with silicone sealer.
Inside the case I removed the LED plate that wad held in place by tiny allen headed screws.

Step 2: Time to Rebuild.......

This is what this type of fixture used to mount the LEDs. Here I've removed the dead LEDs. The replacements were soldered in the same places, minding the polarity markings.

Step 3: Add the Driver & New Body.....

After replacing the LEDs, I re-installed the plates, lenses, and cover plate, using silicone sealer.
On the back side of the fixtures I installed the drivers.
The fixtures were glued into the body, I used some 2" pvc pipe caps, again using more silicone sealer.

Step 4: The Finished Project

I've bent some aluminium strips to make the mountings. The cover photo shows two fixtures attached to some 2" pvc pipe, now part of my outside lighting. One of the fixtures was also used as a headlight on my bike.

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    9 months ago on Step 4

    An update: These led light fixtures are still working great, in spite of trees, birds, and the occasional storm.