Reclamed Wood Make Up Table !

Introduction: Reclamed Wood Make Up Table !

About: I´m a Youtube and Twich streamer on Creative #woodworking, I do ugly fulgy stuff from reclaimed wood and other materials.So keep recycling, lets make it fun !!

This is how a use a melomine kitchen sealing, palet wood and other reclamaid palletwood

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Step 1: The Table Top

There was that piece of melomine that had the ligh holes and decided that this was the table top.

Step 2: Legs

Used some Palletwood, this was 2 thick wood beams to make 2 sets of legs with shelfs

Step 3:

the legs are not attache to the table so the table can be move easelly

Step 4: The Mirror

Custum made with a iron bar for support

Step 5: The Holes From the Lights

The holes from the lights are use as cup hold !!!

Yay for ideas :D

Step 6: The End

Sorry i didn´t toke to much picture , never tought i would do Instratubles ever .

conclusion if you can imagine you can built it all of the items in this build were trash and now they are an awsome table for a make up youtubes the chair was restored by me also .

Enjoy just use your imagination :D

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