Recliner Laptop Table

Introduction: Recliner Laptop Table

I wanted to make a easy laptop table for my recliner. after searching the internet for a idea i had no success . so i turned to my garage to find a inexpensive and easy way to make it turn. and what i came up with was taking a wheel like the one on a dolly, and unbolting the 4 bolts that hold the 2 pieces together. and you have a bolt on bearing swivel for the table.

Step 1:

what you need...

its up to you what kind of wood you want to use. i used different kinds i had laying around the garage.

but i used...




1-6" lag screw

1-dolly wheel that unbolts

1-bolt or all thread that fits the thru the bearing with 3- washers and 2 nuts and 1 or 2 cotter keys

a hand full of 1"1/4" wood screws [about 30]

2- 3" wood screws

wood glue

paint or stain

Step 2:

each chair is different so your measurements will differ

Step 3:

i hope this helps you build your own table.

Thanks: GOOSE

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Miss ya Buddy


    PS.- Great idea! I want to build one so I can accomplish work while I watch the Pack spank the Bears this fall!