Reconciliation Ecology Technology

Introduction: Reconciliation Ecology Technology

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Aquaponics is a proven method of producing a high protein diet of fish and veggies.

Keeping the standard system working  boils down to feeding fish and  pumping  fish water to the veggie tank.

The veggies clean water, aerate it, and send it back to the fish tank. 

A simple working design…. as long as the pump runs.  Without a running pump there is no aeration and the fish can die in minutes.

A sustainable backup aeration method is needed. 

The most cost effective aeration method is bubblers, because they use less than 10% of the energy of the pumps.

This October, we have proposed to supply, at our cost, our PEC solar powered aeration recirculation systems for Tucson, AZ. Manzo Elementary Schools established and  ongoing aquaponics project to produce fish and veggies. 

The Manzo school has requested University of Arizona Engineering students to provide production studies. 

The end product  is a PEC 100% Solar Powered Aquaponic Aeration System for food production anywhere in the world. 

One empty barrel, water, algae, fry, seedlings, nutrients, algae, and a solar aerator can produce a continuous supply of  fish & veggies.

Please vote for our project.

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