Record Bowl


Introduction: Record Bowl

Ah... to do with records that no longer play. These record bowls are fun, and relatively functional, although they aren't waterproof.

Step 1: Assemble Your Ingredients

Step 1. Assemble Your Ingredients
A record or 7
An oven
An oven safe circular pan
A big bowl
A cookie Sheet
Optional– Felt

Step 2: Getting Started

Step 2. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees F. Assemble your record sandwich.

Pop it into the oven for seven minutes, or
until the record edges start to get droopy.

Step 3: Finishing

If your record hardens before you’re done shaping it, pop it back into the oven for a few minutes.

When you are satisfied with it’s shape, allow it to sit in the bowl for a few minutes until it is stiff. You can then pop it out of the mold.

If you’d like, cut a circle of felt and hot glue it to the bottom of the record so it doesn’t slip.

Voila! A record bowl! Congratulations!



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    16 Discussions

    I've dripped candle wax into the center hole so that they hold water (I use them as planters)

    1 reply

    I like the candle wax idea. I make these to sell at craft shows and wondered how to plug up that hole! Also, for everyone else, I heat mine in the oven at 200 and do not notice a smell. i try to turn on the fan, just cuz I figured it was creating some sort of fumes! To be fair, the hole would make them better as planters so they drain.

    nice idea you can but a clock set in the middle to get
    a nice clock
    thanks lots

    SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!soaking them is sooooooo much easier to DO. we just dipped the edges in boiling water and folded them one at a time over an old crystal bowl, but you don't even need a mold since the vinyl can be molded with your hands


    Really no need for the "sandwich". Place it on top of a pyrex bowl that's on a cookie sheet. Use the bowl as a mold to shape the record bowl

    2 replies

    Melting vinyl records not only produces toxic fumes, but also places toxins on the item that is being used to mold the record--said item should not be used for cooking/eating after melting the vinyl on it. the bowl really shouldn't be used for eating either unless there is something lining it. thought you shoudl know.

    Thanks very much for the warning. I'll only use a pot specifically for crafts, and not do the project in the oven-thanks again

    I have done this before in the oven and it was successful. I want to try it using a hair dryer. has anyone tried doing it that way?


    11 years ago

    Wow I am so excited to see this. 2 important questions 1) So the label doesn't burn at 200? 2) Does the house smell? I was JUST about to give away about 50 records! You probably have seen these also made into clocks which is fun.

    1 reply

    i believe the flash point for paper is 451F? and i don't believe the house would smell especially using boiling water because the water vapor would carry any fumes up and away while diffusing them and your only making the vinyl malleable your not melting it...

    Ive made these before by simply holding a record over a heat source ( i have used electric and gas stove burners ) and when it gets warm just draping it over a bowl to shape.


    11 years ago

    This morning an 8 year old girl who melted some records showed me how they made toothbrush bracelets in boiling water too. SO cool. She had a clear toothbrush and said it instantly got soft. They then just looped it with the brush facing out and it becomes a bracelet that's expandable to slip on and off.


    11 years ago

    The boiling water method was SO easy. I was even able to hold the melted parts with my bare hands and get it all melted and slumped over a metal bowl. I wouldn't even try the oven method after. By dipping the record you have a lot more control over the shape, I'd think, plus no chance of burning your hand in the oven - a move I am famous for. Thanks for all the tips!

    I've done these using boiling water instead of putting them in the oven, because I didn't want the house to smell funny. It works fine - you just shape each side as soon as it comes out of the water (I didn't put the whole thing in just in case it damaged the label), and wear washing up gloves.

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    You mean you dipped each side into the boiling water? Wow I guess records melt really quickly if so! Sounds like a really fun experiment. Thanks for the tip.

    I just did this with my friends and we found that it looks a bit nicer with a thin layer of oil on one side.