Record Bowls

Introduction: Record Bowls

Making bowls out of vinyl records for cute gifts or to store stuff in a creative way!

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Step 1: Starting

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees

Place a record on cookie sheet
and put in oven when pre-heated 

IT IS IMPORTANT! that you do NOT go over 200, or the record will melt, and you will have a really gross cookie sheet.

Step 2: Making Bowl

About 4-9 minutes after they go in they should be ready to come out.

You will probably see a crinkle on the edge of the record. If you don't that's OK too, just harder to tell if it's finished.

Take the record out of the oven and put it over a vase or jar with the center around the top.

Use your hand to bend and shape the bowl however you want

If you mess up just stick it back in the oven and let it flatten out again.

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