Record IPhone Screen

Introduction: Record IPhone Screen

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Step 1: Cydia

Open Cydia App (Jailbroken iPhones only)

Step 2: Search

Search for RecordMyScreen

Step 3: Install

Install the App to Ur iPhone

Step 4: Record

After installing, open the App and tap Record to start recording your iPhone screen. For video tutorial, check this link



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    5 Discussions

    Not sure if it's safe to do so, but I'd rather not to jailbreak my iPhone simply for the purpose of recording the screen. By the way, QuickTime works amazingly well (for iOS 8 or later). You can see this softwarehow tutorial for how to do in step by step. It's quite easy.

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    1 year ago

    You could use AirPlay along with QuickTime to record iOS screen. In details, you need to connect your iPhone to Mac computer with USB cable, swipe up from mobile screen to configure airplay connection. When you could see the screen projected on computer, activate QuickTime to record the activity on iOS. On the other hand, if you're using Windows, there's another tutorial about how to record iPhone screen for free.


    2 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial, for those of you without the Cydia, you can use something like AirShou, this app doesn't require Jailbreak at all.

    It's a little risky for me to jailbreak my iPhone. I prefer this no-jailbreak method. Here is a tool that allows me to mirror my iPhone screen to my PC and then record the iPhone screen with one click. Works fine for me at least.