Get a Birds Eye View With a Little [HACK, 3D PRINT or DIY]




Introduction: Get a Birds Eye View With a Little [HACK, 3D PRINT or DIY]

As I started making projects here in instructables I realized its easier for me to make a video rather than making a step by step guide. But the problem is I dont have DSLR CAMERA or a tripod, but I do have a phone with a nice camera. So I found a way to take videos on my project in a birds eye view by simply getting a small foldable desktop lamp, But wait its a small lamp how is it suppose to hold you phone? Is it stable enough? Did you print something? Yeah I taught about that and yeah you might need 3D printing but there are a lot of alternatives. In my case I did not print anything but I did create a 3D printable model for you guys with out any lamps like mine. Also I will show some alternatives on how to make one of these with the common thing we have like the acrylic glass Anyways lets get back.

I dont really know if this can be a called a hack but I hope you guys would appreciate it or at least think it was a good Idea :D If you like it click on the favorite/vote and follow :D


So the idea is to find a way to mount your phone on the lamp while getting a nice view on whats under it. simple enough.... yeah!

OR make your own stand using acrylic glass.

Tools and Materials

All you really need is a cheap Foldable lamp just like mine or anything with the same shape or structure. Next is a Rubber mat and super glue and that's all there is easy right?


Go through the steps and get to the 3D printing step to get the files you want

Step 1: Getting Your Cheap Old LAMP!

FOLDABLE LED LAMP I got it here in the philippines which is about 110php converted to US$ is 2.5$

This Led Lamp can be used for a desk or a book lamp. A product of some Chinese brand but its soo cheap and useful I decided to make something good out of it.

Step 2: Tighten the Nuts and Bolts

Simple as it is just tighten the hinges/joints of the lamp to make the arms sturdy enough to hold heavy objects

Step 3: Rubber Mat

placing the rubber mat on the lamp head

1. Lay the lamp head on the rubber mat

2. Outline the boarder with a pencil or marker

3. Cut out the outline you made

Step 4: Gluing the Rubber Mat

Simple enough I know you guys now what to di here

1. Simply apply a small amount of super glue over the lamp head

2. Lay the rubber mat on the surface

3. Wait for it to dry and settle down

Step 5: Adjusting the Angle

Ok so now time to adjust the hight/ angle of the head

1. Put your phone on top of the lamp and try taking some pictures

2. Now try making short videos :D

Step 6: My Sample Pictures

These pictures were taken during the night so i turned on the lamp on by looking at the pictures im quite happy with my phone and with my multipurpose lamp hehehehehe If you liked it

Step 7: Daylight Sample Picture

By looking at the on the phone you can see its so clear and vibrant


With this design you should be able to make your own. With the use of some long M3 screws "60mm" you can tighten the hinges/joints. But always feel free to redesign the whole thing because im not really a professional in this thing.

Step 9: Alternatives

OK thanks to my lamp I got more Ideas that I will try to make.

A cheap alternative would be acrylic glass :D

With some cuts and bends I am sure you can make your own. For the measurements and angles the height of the thing should be at least 23cm but for the angles its up for you to decide since we all have our of type of perspective or how can I say this umm the most comfortable way of viewing things, But I hope you get the Idea here

USE 5mm Acrylic glass for this 3mm is too thin.


Step 10: Thank You

IF you liked it Click on the favorite button/Follow and vote :D Thank you!

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    dre. ano po gamit nyo sa paggawa ng 3D model? Madali lang ba yan? thanks.


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    and yeah its easy paraan lang kailangan dito marami kasing kulang na features


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    123D Design switching to "Autodesk inventor" bagal kasi ng 123D design eh