Recover Dining Room Chairs




These dining room chairs have seen better days. After 10 years, the covers were done, but the chairs are still sturdy

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Step 1: Remove the Seats From the Frame

4 screws held the seats to the frame. Remove the screws and the seats. I needed a flash light to see what screwdriver I needed.

Step 2: Remove Old Covers

Remove the old covers by taking out the staples holding the covers. This took the longest of all the steps, I used an old pocket knife to pry up the staples an pliers to extract the staples.

Step 3: Cover the Seat With New Material

We got fabric from a national home decorating company. They suggested high performance cloth, because of the high use and need for cleaning. The cushion under the material was still good, so we reused those. Cut the material so there is more than enough to cover the seat. If your fabric has a bias, make sure it is properly oriented. You can use the old cover as a template. Place the seat in the middle and check for straight. I attached the widest side first with spary glue then staples from a staple gun. Then turn the seat 180 degrees and stretch the fabric and attach. Then attach the first side, turn the seat, stretch and attach. The corners posed the biggest challenge. I found that grabbing the material and pulling it tight was the best method. Depending on where the folds occur, you can rearrange or remove some of the material.

Step 4: Finish

Here is a completed seat. Reattach the seats to the frame, and done

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    2 years ago

    What material do I use for the cushions?


    3 years ago

    I need help with the corners i am getting angry

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Don't worry about perfect. Make them as uniform as you can. You won't notice imperfections if they are about the same.  Grab the material and pull it tight and make the folds uniform


    3 years ago

    You explained it well. Mine turned out fine!