Recovering a Lipo Charger Burned on Fire

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It was a lipo charger fire accident.
One of my all 4 charger start the fire, so I decided to recover my all lipo chargers.

I managed recover my 3 lipo chargers.

Be careful when do you buy cheap lipo chargers.

Step 1: Material

8x Press Buttons

Old Desktop Wires

Solder Station

Drill Machine

7.5mm drill

Cutter Pliers

Step 2: Lets Do It

First I cleaned all components, pcb board and case.

I maked my own design layout for new 7mm push buttons switches;

Drilled six holes;

Put the buttons on panel;

I did some tests to find the circuit diagram about control panel buttons.

Soldered a ground wire in all four buttons of each side;

With old desktop five pin connector, soldered four wires for each button.

Connected the five pins connector in charger plug.

Mounted a new cooler fan.

Closed the charger.

Ready to charge!

Step 3: Final Result

Step 4: Video

Thanks for watching!



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