Recreate Phone Cases




Step 1: Tired of an Old Case?

I got very sick of my old cases, so I decided to be creative and just let my mind do the work.

Step 1: find any old cases you wouldn't mind decorating. ( be sure to ask an adult first before you do this and remember this may never come off.)

Step 2: Be Creative!!!!! :)

Step 2: Find any supplies you might want to use for the decorating part.

Step 3: Start Decorating!!!!! :)

Step 3: You can start with whatever you want to do now!!!!!! :)

Step 4: Your Style

I know sometimes it is hard to think of things to put on your phone case, but you can always keep it simple like just painting it one color

Step 5: Rapping It Up!!! :)

Ok when you are down you don't want stuff falling off so put a coat of mod podge on to conceal it all together. ALL DONE YAHHH!!!!!! :)



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