Recumbent Camper Idea


Introduction: Recumbent Camper Idea

If anyone would like to build something like this, let me know, I don't have the courage to start it.



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    I wouldn't mind seeing more details of the design, if possible

    If you would, send me what you got. I have a need to build some thing with a new twist and fresh idea


    4 years ago

    Really good idea...

    There's a guy here who has built something very similar:

    The video is here:

    Hope you find it interesting.

    Looks nice , what CAD are you working on ?

    A friend of mine (a mad inventor kind of guy) has been playing with a similar idea for a few years. I am not sure what stage he is at with it. I have sent him a link to this page - hope something comes out of it.

    So simple but it is inspired, This is why I like sites that bring a singular idea and share that idea with world. Good work!