Restore Strongbox


Introduction: Restore Strongbox

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This time we will repair Strongbox, as it was disassembled to be able to open it because of losing the keys and the security code.

This can be done if the front of the safe is similar to that of the images.


It is the most basic of the market, with the most advanced and more security would be more complex.

Do not throw it, you can use it for cossa with less value!

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Step 1: Materials

1- 1 Mailbox style lock like the one in the picture.

2- 1 Plywood or agglomerate of not more than 3mm thick. The size will be the door area of ​​your safe.

3- Glue (I recommend hot silicone).

4- Fat blower.

5- Sawmill.

6- Pliers.

Step 2: Open Safe

1- With a drill we pierce the lock through which the key is inserted. (Image 1, surrounded in red).
- We hit the drilled lock with a hammer and a fat screwdriver.

▶ If, when doing this, the bolt is still stuck and there is no gap as the image 1.1 or we lost (forgot) the code, we will have to apply point 1.2.

1.2- Strike with a hammer the whole gray part except the red crossed (roulette wheel), since it can be worth later, and repeat the step 1 until leaving it as the image 1.3.

2- Once opened and we see the hollow of the image 1.1 we will see with the help of a flashlight, a piston more or less to the left down very close to the hole (that is what lets give or not step to the roulette to rotate and Open the door), press down with a screwdriver, and leaving it pressed will rotate the roulette, the box would have to open (image 2).

3- Remove the back of the door.

▶ We dismantle all electronic connections except the motor where the piston is (figure 3). We will only do this step if we had to proceed to do step 1.2 (these will not serve us since we will only use a dead bolt to see the electronics outside to open the box).

Step 3: Lock and Aesthetic Replacement

1 - We dismantled the mechanism of the roulette wheel as indicated in images 1 and 2.

2- We leave the door smooth and without any mechanism.

3 - Check that the new lock fits perfectly into the hole of the previous one (If you do not have to slightly trim the thread of the lock * would not affect the rotation of the nut * since it is easier to enlarge the hole of the box) . I put a thick washer to cover the gap between the wood and the bolt.

2 - We prepare the wood, cut it if necessary to the measure of the door and we make two holes (One for the roulette and one for the lock), we hit the door matching the holes.

3- And we inserted the mechanisms, as much the rotate of rotation as previously disassembled, like the lock, you are last trying that it squares with the piston so that it presses perfectly when turning the key.

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