Recyclable Drum




Just follow the steps to this and later you can enjoy. This is to show that you can use "trash" for some other things.

Step 1: Dots

First, you take the sharpie and put dots on the jug where you want to drill the holes.

Step 2: Materials

Get tape, drill, empty jug, small container, small pipe, and sharpie

Step 3: Drilling

Second, you drill the holes of a brick or something very hard so you get pressure.

Step 4: Tuning

Third, you have to tune it, but since you canʻt tune a drum you got to make different sizes of drums.

Step 5: Wrapping

Now you get the small container and put scotch tape around the top.

Step 6: Enjoy

Now I think you know that the small pipe is the drumstick. Now go enjoy.



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    My toddler has just discovered that anything can be a drum. So I just grab something out of the kitchen and play along to fill in the missing beats.