Recycle an Old T-Shirt Into a Sexy Bikini




Introduction: Recycle an Old T-Shirt Into a Sexy Bikini

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Learn how to recycle and old t-shirt into a sexy bikini!



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    I don't make clothes. But is it wrong for me to watch these videos anyway? (How about if I skip to the end and just watch her model them?)

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    LOL, yep she's one a few where I'd let her get away with having all her instructables of just her modeling her bikini's. I'd watch everyone of them and learn... nothing really, but boy would I love it. She is by far the most beautiful Instructable... er? on here.

    Err, Last time I remembered Tshirt+Water=Glue to skin.

    Exactly how revealing are we going for :P ?

    Great Idea, now if you could find a way to make a t shirt into swimming trunks, then were talking!

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    NOOO.... why would you defile your body with a tramp stamp!?!? oh well... I am moving to Paraguay tho... My room mate was from there... holly hell... his girlfriend was a 10, and she was among the least attractive...

    Since this video (and all of her instructables) is in the spirit of recycling, I don't think it would be too far fetched to sew in those removable cups from a swimsuit that doesn't fit. That said, nudity isn't viewed the same in every country. Many nations have topless beaches because they do not see breasts as sexually appealing as Americans do. (or at least they don't make as big a deal about them) These beaches are not special by any means. The author of this instructable clearly stated that she was from Paraguay, a South American nation near Brazil. Though I don't know for sure, I would imagine their laws regarding this matter would be similar to Brazil, even though Paraguay is a landlocked nation.

    I'm fairly sure that only happens with white or lighter-colored T-shirts. You should be fine with red or darker colors.

    Possibly a bit risque...but it looks like she used a double layer of t-shirt material. I guess one could slip more cloth in between.
    ...Either way, it's all Eye Candy.

    I confess that my main motivation for watching your videos is to see you model them at the end. Oh and sewing. That's also cool.

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    awesome work. This video actually meets the requirements I have for video instructables. It is clear, with good camera work, angles, and very good lighting. It doesn't have any instructions but the video displays the process so clearly that it doesn't matter. YES! Finally someone made a good instructable video! Awesome!

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    I highly recommend Giannyl's Instructables to anyone who wants to see what a well produced video tutorial looks like.

     True, so true. Very many instructables that depend wholly on a video or slide show fall flat.

    fully agreed there. I have gotten really pissed over the dreck that people throw up here that offers nothing useful by way of instructions. From now on I will have a video to link to when I tell people that they need to finish their videos.