Recycle Children's Clothes





Introduction: Recycle Children's Clothes

This is Lily the pug who had no clothes to wear prior to this instructable.

Step 1:

This is a child's size 3 T-shit

Step 2:

Remove the side seams of the t-shirt to about the halfway point of the dog's belly.

Step 3:

Cut a curved area on the underside of the t-shirt to allow for the dogs to be able to do their business. Also shorten the sleeves. Hem both of the sleeves and the underbelly.

Step 4:

The adapted t-shirt now looks like this.

Step 5:

Insert puppy and you have officially recycled a child's t-shirt.

Step 6:

I have also used the same adaptation on infant dresses to make doggy dresses. Hope all you puppy lovers can make some styling clothes for your puppies easily, environmentally friendly, and with great joy.



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    7 Discussions

    This is great! Molly, my pug has been asking for more clothes, but the pet store clothes are sooo expensive! She'll love wearing some thrift store T's. (She's into recycling, thank God!).

    That pug is adorable. I miss my pug!

    Awesome. I have been doing this with polo t's, sans mod, and it's awesome. We have found some GREAT stuff at the 2nd hand stores!!