Recycle Glass Bottle Planter

Introduction: Recycle Glass Bottle Planter

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Hi All,

We all are aware of how much garbage we generate every single day. This is a small attempt to recycle and reuse our wastes. This project is simple to do and can be done at home. And is amazing decoration as well

Caution : To cut the bottle, we are using dremel, if you are not done this before, Please do not attempt this, ask a friend who has experience to doing this kind of work

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Wine glass bottle ( Easy to cut at home)
  • Pallet wood piece


  • Dremel or a rotary tool
  • Extension for dremel
  • 50mm diamond cutting disc
  • Water siphon arrangement
  • Wood stain and polish

Step 2: Bottle Cutting

  • Do not try to cut the glass, if you are new to this
  • Always wear protection before you cut glass
  • When cutting a glass bottle, glass dust is released in the air. this glass dust is extremely dangerous
  • To avoid glass dust, I am using water siphon
    • This does not mean you can skip breathing protection
    • There are times when the water gets over or you are cutting glass in dry areas
    • So be carefull !!!!
  • Mark the area that you want to cut, by a masking tape or permanent marker
  • Make an outline with the diamond disc then start cutting through the glass
  • Let the blade do cutting, do not use force..
  • Also note that the water is going to splash everywhere, so move away any device or stuff that could get damaged

Step 3: Wood Stand

  • I am using a piece of pallet wood to make the stand
  • Based on the bottle measure the diameter and cut the curved base as shown
  • Fix all 3 piece of the stand using PVA glue or fevicol
  • Let it dry for 4 hrs
  • Sand the wood with 80, 180 and then 220 grit
  • Stain and polish the wood based on your preference

Step 4: Plant

  • Place the glass bottle on the wooden stand
  • Add soil and plants ( small cactus or succulents )
  • Clean the bottle after you are done
  • Water rarely

Place this in your home and enjoy the amazing decorative planter

Please share your comments and vote for me

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    3 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago

    Nice project.

    I have a few questions on how to protect yourself during glass cutting;

    * Why use a water siphon when you are already wearing a dust mask,and how do you use a water siphon?

    * What sort of dustmask should I use, a regular one or one that also filters out fumes and gasses? (I have no idea how small these glass dust particles are...)

    * How do you effectively clear your workspace of glass dust afterwards? (I don't have space for a designated work area so I will have to do this in the house or in the garden, but I would not want to create a dangerous situation for kids or pets).

    I hope that you can answer some of these questions for me, I would really like to try glass cutting (I even have a project in mind for which I have been saving up bottles) but I am a bit spooked by the potential dangers, so Iwould really like to be sure that I have taken all the precautions to do it safely.


    Answer 2 years ago

    I use my bathroom for cutting glass or wood, as It is easy for me to clean small space

    Many times I just wash it with water

    Adding water siphon has 3 advantages

    1. I can use an inferior breathing mask

    2. Room does not get filled with glass dust, So my family or me does not breathe in harmful glass dust

    3. Diamond disc does not get hot

    Protections I use

    - Eye protection

    - Ears / noise protection

    - Breathing protection

    - Raincoat ( water splashes )

    ALso look at below link, for cutting bottles at home and safely


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for your answers and the link, they will be most helpful when I will try cutting glass :)

    Just one more remark about the use of the water siphon; I have two rotary multitools, one battery powered and one ac powered (I bought the latter because the former did not supply enough power for most of the work that I wanted to use it for).

    Anyway, I assume that using a power tool that is connected to a power socket might be dangerous to use in combination with a water siphon? (I do have an extension but I still don't think that I would want to risk it).

    I just hope that my battery powered tool will be strong enough to get the job done... I guess we'll see.