Recycle Itself

Hello my name is Natalie Davidson and I am going to show how to create a self separating recycle bin.

The reason for the continuous destruction of the earth is by the inhabitants. In the case of garbage there continues to be a problem that is unable to be address. People don't realize that the way they throw out garbage is as important has how much. Because its the matter of are the right items being sent to the proper landfills. And so I decided to do something small and hope that there is a chance it will be bigger on impact. So because different types of garbage weight differently I made a trash can that separates based on how light or heavy an object is when it is thrown away. Example an orange weighs more than a empty water bottle. And they all should not be thrown out the same way. The great thing about this is if the size was to be adjusted it could be used for households.

Step 1: Here Is What You Need....

  • Garbage Can
  • Garbage bags 4
  • Tape
  • A metal plate (depending on how big you want it) 10 1/2inch wide and long
  • 6 by 6 inches of wood
  • 2 cardboard boxes
  • Glue

Step 2: the Base

Using the the garbage bag cover the inside of the garbage can. Then use tape to hold down the bag around the can and hold it in place for when the other pieces are added. This is so that the bag can be replaced without taking out the entire base of the trash can.

Step 3: Building the Center Piece

It is best to construct the scale for the inside of the can outside first and then place it inside. This will require the most work because there needs to be accurately sized parts. I simply used a piece of cardboard and had the scale plate on top but if needed it could be on the bottom. Then I taped it down on the cardboard.

Step 4: On the Inside

Because this needs to separate there had to be a border created so that the different types of waste could be thrown away properly. The divider is made to separate the to sides but also support the scale. For this a thick piece of cardboard was glued to the divider.

Step 5: Connect

For connecting the pieces wood glue and tape were used. This was probably the easiest part of all. Simply attach the balance to the border.

Step 6: Done

Thank you looking at my project. Hopefully it inspires something in you because everyone can help. If there are any questions please ask.



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