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Introduction: Recycle Pallet Bench

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Recycle the pallet into bench by use all woods and nails with only wood glue, hand saw and hammer. No waste of electric, just your sweat and hard work.

Step 1: 2 Pallet

Here are the pallets that I rescued from being throw away. They are new, used once. What a waste! Now you only need is the hammer. Go ahead, pry all woods from the 2x4 studs BUT leave just one wood (at bottom) attached to studs. Make sure you save all nails. I just throw large magnet in the bowl to hold all nails in case I unintentionally tip the bowl over so I won't lose them.

Step 2: Rearrange the Woods.

Go ahead, glue and nail the woods back on the studs, stack them all together to one end of front. As for other pallet, it is tricky because you have to remove all woods in order to move the studs next to other pallet's (the one you just put back) studs so you can fit them together.

Step 3: Put Both Together.

As you see, by moving the studs next to other pallet's studs. Put them together, it should fit like glove. I know, you noticed the middle studs, it didn't line up right and it is few inches away from each other. That was my mistake. Anyway, you can change the degree of your choice.  Mine is around 110 degree. Glue and nail the studs to each other.

Step 4: Remove the Bottom Woods.

Remove the wood, save the nails! Now you will have four woods left. Save two of them for the covers. (Will explain in next few steps)

Step 5: Saw the Woods Into Four Pieces.

I used the hand saw, now why I did not use the electric circular Saw? Because I want to and after all, it is my green project alas save the electric! After all, I think I gain some muscles and sweat profusely. No Pain, no gain. Go ahead measure the one wood by line it up to the studs that are "back legs" then saw them into for piece, Glue and nail the two wood to each side of stud. Ignore middle stud. Now you have front legs!

Step 6: Back Legs for the Stability.

Now, it is most tricky step of all. Use last wood, save the two for covers which will be next step. BUT you would need to line the wood to match the stud and ground by cut it in degrees. Saw them into four piece. Glue and nail them to each studs in back. Now, you have foremost back legs for the stability so you won't fall back when you lean back. 

Step 7: Covers

Now, glue and nail the last two remaining wood to edge of each pallet. I put one on top and bottom.

Step 8: The Result.

You're done! You could sand it. Seal it. Paint it blue or pink, I don't care whatever. I like it as au natural. Of course, I am going to sand it later when it is not too hot and humid.  (You know it does affect the wood as it expands in humidity.)

Enjoy it and be green! Recycle the pallets instead throw good ones away. By the way, I also save the leftover wood, the ones was sawed off (for legs) for later use with other projects. Waste not.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Dude, that's nice!
    I don't usually find those pallets, but I'll keep an eye out for them. Great project!
    I must be a redneck too!!


    7 years ago on Step 8

    Great project!
    What are the final dimensions?

    Infinite Crafts
    Infinite Crafts

    8 years ago on Step 8

    Wow this is fantastic! I've been looking for something to do with my pallets. I love the natural look although I might need to wait till I get 2 that match a bit more to make it easier. And well done on the handsaw, at least you now have a nice place to sit down and enjoy a well deserved break.