Recycle Phonebook Into Personal Comics Collection

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This is my first Instructable and it's created in honor of my great-grandpa Charlie. I remember him as a big, manly man who hunted and fished and always had great stories to tell. He was a lover of books and had a vast library that anyone would admire. But the thing I remember most fondly was the collection of Sunday comics that he created inside an old phonebook that was made just for us. We couldn't wait to open it to see familiar funnies that cracked us up no matter how many times we'd seen them before and to look for the new entries that he'd added since our last visit.

Although he has been gone for many years, those memories of hours pouring over that magical book warm my heart to this day and I hope you find the time to make one of your own to share the laughter.

Step 1: Supplies for Creating Fond Memories


Phone book (usually free!)
Comics section of newspaper
Glue stick
White paper towels

I was thrilled when this little phone book magically appeared on our porch. Normally, it would go right to our recycle bin (not passing GO nor collecting $200) but I knew it would be perfect for this project!

I have also been collecting comics from our local paper. Magazines, books and online sites are good places to look, too (or create your own!).

Glue sticks are the glue of choice as they are fast drying and the pages don't stick together as much.

Because newsprint ink can get messy, I also recommend white paper towels to tamp down your comics to the page to keep things neat.

Step 2: Cover

The options for creating your cover are limited by your imagination. Mine, as you can see, is a work in progress. Eventually, I hope to collage the entire cover (including the spine and back cover) and possibly using clear contact paper to ensure this cute book lasts a long time through many years of being handled by little hands.

Step 3: Composition

I would encourage you to have fun with this project and not worry too much about what makes a good composition. Go with whatever pleases your eye. The point is to create a collection of comics that tickle your funny bone and share the laughter with others.

Here, as on the cover, you are only limited by your imagination to create something uniquely your own. You can add scrapbooking elements or maybe your own doodles. Just have fun!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

After covering a few pages, you may notice the pages are curling up. To straighten them out, close the book (once the glue has had time to dry), flip it over and if you'd like, place a weight on top of it overnight.

Since there are a large number of pages in most phone books, there is plenty of room to add to your collection. And if you have little ones in your life, I hope you build wonderful memories for them, too!



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    5 Discussions

    rc jedi

    3 years ago

    Good idea.


    3 years ago

    This seems like a good project to give to your kids. They can keep collecting cut outs from newspapers daily to make an entire collection of their favorite comic section. After few months or an year they will have a huge collection. Seems a good thing to do to me. Would also let them know a bit more about recycling.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    It would be a great on going project for kids and would be something you can do as a family!

    I'd love to see if you start one of your own!