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Introduction: Recycle Soda Bottle Ring

Making jewelry out of soda bottles is cool, chic and a great way to help the environment (if only in a small way) and to re-use some old PET Plastic bottles. That being said, I'm going to show you how to make an easy to craft floral ring.

Step 1: Recycled Soda Bottle Ring

Materials used:

#1 plastic soda bottle with smooth sides

Magic marker or sharpie/alcohol



E6000 glue

Nail polish

Seed beads

Mod podge

Ring base

Step 2:

Take a look at the bottom of you soft drink bottle and you should find a triangular shape PET logo with the number 1. PET is highly recyclable and can be transformed again and again to un-imagined uses such as fiber for carpets, t-shirts, or fleece jackets, fiberfill for sleeping bags, winter coats, dog beds and so many more items.

Cut out a smooth portion of plastic from a clean PET soda bottle.

Step 3:

After cutting out the smooth plastic of a Pet soda bottle, draw three or four different circle sizes using a magic marker or sharpie and cut out. Use alcohol to remove the black ink from the circles.

Step 4:

Using a lighted candle, hold each plastic circle over the heat from the flame and carefully move the plastic around as it curls up or down. Remember not to get the plastic too close to the flame. Tweezers can be used to help with holding and shaping the plastic into petals.

Step 5:

Once the petals are shaped to your liking and cooled, pour a small amount of nail polish onto the petals and move around until the polish is covering each petal. Allow to dry.

Step 6:

Starting with the largest petal, glue the next size, one by one, on top in the center, using E6000 and allow to dry.

Step 7:

Mix a small amount of mod podge and seed beads and place in center of smallest petal and let dry.

Step 8:

Glue completed flower to ring base using E6000 and allow to dry overnight before wearing.

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    Beautiful. Very nice colour. I experimented with making flowers from bottles a couple of times last year but then never really got the hang of it. You have inspired me to try it again.


    5 years ago

    that's pretty neat