Recycle Storage Box Using Cereal Boxes

Introduction: Recycle Storage Box Using Cereal Boxes

The storage boxes is to store my rubik, lego in different sizes and also also electronic components.

These boxes enable me to find things easily.

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Step 1: Preparation

Things that you need,

1.A cereal box


3.Pen knife



6.Glue Gun

7. Transparent tape

8. Transparent paper

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the cereal box into 4 sides. Throw away side 3.

Then cut number 2 in the middle into 2 pieces 2a and 2b, as in picture.

*In this case I prefer the outside to be grey in color so i turn the inside out.

place 2a into 1 as shown in picture

* this step can be ignored

Step 3: Glue-ing and Cutting

Glue the bottom side of 2a using normal paper glue and the side by using glue gun.

Wait for 10min for the glue to dry. then in this case i do not need a high divider so i cut the additional divider as in picture 3

i need to see what i store in my storage vertically so i draw holes and then cut holes in the middle between the three divider as in picture 4 and picture 5

Step 4: Completing

cut a transparent paper with accordance to box size as in picture1 and then use transparent tape at the surrounding as shown in picture2.

Taa..daaa...the end results is as shown in picture 3 and picture4

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