Recycle Your Dead Old Laptop Battery





Introduction: Recycle Your Dead Old Laptop Battery

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Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India .

Today i'm going to show you How to Recycle Your Dead Old Laptop Battery .

Many People Think That If A Laptop Battery Don't Work On Laptop That Means It's Fully Dead

No! They are Wrong

Only Few People Know That Still There is 80% Chances of Recycling .

Now Let's Get Started

Click Here to See The Video

How to Open The Battery Pack

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Step 1: Why Is It So ?

Look Laptop Battery Manufacture Do this For Safety Reasons

Usually The Laptop Battery Comes in 3 Cell Pack And There is Total 6 Cell 2 in Parallel And 3 in Series

Here are Some Reason Why Your Battery Still Have Some Life on it

• If 1 Cell means 2 Parallel Cell Goes Dead The BMS ( Battery Management System) Will Disable The Hole Battery . Still 2 Cell means 2 Parallel Cells (or 4 individual Cell ) Have Some Life on it It can still be Used .
• If The BMS ( Battery Management System) Don't Work it will disable The whole Battery There is 90% chances of (6 individual Cells ) Have Some Life on It

• BMS ( Battery Management System) Count The No. of Charge and Discharge Cycle and when it Complete a certain cycle it'll Disable the battery ( The Manufacturer do this For Safety Reasons ) Still There is 50% Chances You Can Find Some Good Cell on it .

Step 2: Stuff I Used

  • TP4056 Module click
  • Vichy VC99 Multimeter click
  • Panasonic 18650 3400mAh 100% Original click

Step 3: Harvesting the 18650 Battery

Now Carefully Remove The Cells From The Pack

Sorry I have not clicked The Photo To Show You

By the way Click Here to See The Video

But it's so easy to do it .

But Do it Carefully

Step 4: How to Know Which Cell Are Good OR Bad ?

Now Here Comes The Main Part

You Need A Multimeter

Now One By One Test The individual Cell

  • If You'll Get The Reading on Your Multi-meter The Cell is Good one
  • If You'll Not get the Reading on Your Multi-meter The Cell is Dead one

Step 5: How to Charge Them Safely

It is very necessary to charge them with a Appropriate Charging Board

I used TP4056 Module

The Board Features Several of Safety

  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Charging Indicator
  • Battery Full Indicator

How to Connect The Battery

  • Battery Positive to Board B+
  • Battery Negative to Board B-

How to Connect The Load

  • Out+ to Your Load
  • Out- to Your Load

Step 6: Just Connect Your Wall Adapter ( Mobile Charger )

When it Charge the RED Led Will Glow

When The Battery is Fully Charge The BLUE Led Will Glow

Now You Are Ready To Use Anywhere You Want



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    36 Discussions

    What if all the cells are dead?


    Duhhhh. Now try rewriting this article in Hindi and let me know how that works out for you.

    That was beautifully put, some people have nothing better to do but point out little things to make them feel better about themselves.

    Truth! People looking for a negative in anything.

    What a cheap shot....he lives in India. Do you speak or write Hindi?

    Sorry about that reply. Why not just use new 18650's? They are cheap enough.


    1 year ago

    I didn't understand it. What is the use of the battery on the out/right side and what is the load? Isn't the load the battery form the recycled laptop battery? Can you please explain it. I have a couple of old laptop batteries I can use for this project. (Only if I could understand it clearly). Thanks in advance.

    3 replies

    If you are looking at the charger board linked on ebay, the + and - leads are the output of the battery. For clarity, they are not shown going to the ultimate + and - of the schematically shown battery. What happens is that the whole battery is charged via the + and - leads. Meanwhile, each cell is tapped and the charger board monitors voltage of each one. The board keeps the cell voltages balanced by discharging the highest voltage cells during the charge.

    Thanks DennisG58 for the clarification.

    So the battery connected to B+/B- provides the reference voltage to the charger board, and the outer +/- are for charging the discharged battery.

    Am I right?

    Not sure of your nomenclature, so will try this. The multiple cells that are in the diagram are the individually monitored cells. The wires shown as + and - that just disappear upward are the wires that get the charge voltage. Is that what you were saying?

    If you just replaced the battery(s) and put the pack back together you could use it in the computer.

    Also that charger you used is for 1 18650. To charge a pack of batteries outside the computer, you need to buy a charger made to charge multiple batteries. They have a wire to + and - and also a wire to each battery junction.

    Your batteries will not last long if you use that single cell charger.

    And on that site there is a picture of how to hook it up.

    2 replies

    yeah! but this will only protect your battery from over discharging ,

    for charging you need more one thing a balance charger

    the Product you have linked that will no do balance charging

    Believe you are wrong. You have it backward.

    Yes, it will do balanced charging. That is the reason for the extra leads. It is not for discharging it is for charging. There will be a charging voltage across each battery not the whole pack. I have used them, and they work exactly like the original charging boards built into the computer battery packs.

    You can't use the original battery pack charger from the computer battery pack because it requires a code from the computer to begin to work. These don't of course.

    If you charge a mismatched battery pack with the charger you specified they will not last long. If all of the batteries are new and in good shape they will last longer, but eventually get out of balance.