Recycle Old Punk T-shirts Into New Clothes





Introduction: Recycle Old Punk T-shirts Into New Clothes

I had several old tees from various punk bands I followed in high school that have shrunk while I have grown (rounder). I did not want to dust furniture with my youth, so I recycled the logos to sew onto some discount sweat shirts. I plan to pass these onto my niece since she is listening to all the bands I did. I did all the sewing by hand and was done in less than an hour.

Step 1: The Canvas

Find a cheap sweat shirt, or use one you already have.

Step 2: Chop Up the Donor

This was the gut wrenching part. I hated to cut up this shirt, it had served me through many nights, I even used it to stop my forehead from bleeding when I got elbowed at a show. Anyway, just cut out the picture, symbol, what have you. Do not try to cut this perfectly straight since you will fold it under when you sew it.

Step 3: Take the Pins Out of Your Face and Start Sewing

Lay out the cut piece on the sweat shirt. Do not be worried if it is not perfectly straight, this is punk. Fold the edges under and starting with one corner and pin to the sweat shirt. I am right handed so I start sewing at the bottom right hand side and go counter clockwise. So, the heads of all of my pins should point to the right. As you can see, I had to re pin some of this before sewing. If you use a machine, this will not matter.

Step 4: Final Product

The finished product is not perfect, but the spirit of the shirt lives on! Jello Rules!



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    17 Discussions

    YEH I do this at times cut up old tops an use as patches or make a top into a dress

    I'm currently working on a project to preserve an old Nomeansno shirt whose screen print is coming off in flakes. I'll be sewing the image cut out from the shirt onto a vest, and then I intend to hand-embroider the design over the shirt. It's either going to look fuvking cool or really lame. Probably cool because even shiddy DIY is usually awesome.

    Thank you! I have a real f***ed up holey (barb wires) sunbleached and fragile (from washing) old Misfits shirt that I just can't dump... now I know whats to do!

    your right they were just in it for the money. sadly thats what happens to punk bands these days.

    I have an old Sublime shirt that has a few bleach stains and a few very small holes and I'm trying to decide whether to turn it into a patch or keep wearing it.

    its better this way cos its more DIY and punk clothings ment to be DIY

    Yess! I saw the dead kennedys in 05 at riot fest, with the dickies. Great instructable. Keep on listening to good music! oi oi oi

    2 replies

    For any DK or Jello fan, check out the "Live at the Deaf Club" album. It is a full show with great sound, I felt 15 again the first time I heard it.

    I'm 14 haha I saw the dead kennedys when I was 12 but there was no jello, the germs also played that year. Dude carl is your icon and you like the dead kennedys... your pretty amazing

    i'm a huge Dead Kennedys fan. much like your niece, I was born to late to enjoy them when they existed, but I really like them along with Operation Ivy, NoFX, the Clash, and of course, the Ramones.

    dead kenedys! ya. nice instructable! -gamer

    Awesome idea! My and my brother do this all the time, we get old ripped up shirts of ours, and make them into things like this, thanks for showing!