Recycle Your Soda Pop Into Hanging Planter




plastic soda pop bottle end up in garbage, even big 2, 21/2, or 3 liter pop bottle takes a lot of space in our landfill and they take several years to compost. Recycling center may in some area accept plastics, while others don't. Recycling in other uses, a good way to help becoming green.

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Step 1: Material and Tools


- 2 to 3 liter plastic soda pop bottle ( I find the 2 1/2 bottle at dollar stores, and the three liter ones at smith food store in family sized section)

- duct tape (optional)

- twine or floating fishing line (i like the flexibility and thickness of floating fishing line)

- potted herbs

- dirt

- cotton cloth material ( i use leftover cross stitch material with 10 and higher counts for smaller holes)

- ceiling hook


- utility knife

- scissor

- paper hole puncher

Step 2: Instruction

First, just rinse and take off the label on the plastic soda pop. You will see a line around the bottom part of the plastic soda pop, that where you cut using the line as an guide. I find it easier to punch in the line using utility knife, then use scissor to cut around the line. Optional wrap the duct tape around the ring you just cut, placing the duct tape half way, so you can fold over to cover inner part. Next use hole puncher and punch out at least two hole either vertically using your hole puncher go all way down and second one half way between the further one down and to the lip of bottle. Or horizontally about half way of the duct tape ring or about 3/4" using your hole puncher as an guide next to each other. Punch at least 2 to 4 sets of holes, depending on size of bottle. Next use either twine or floating fishing line using two closest hole and thread in twine or fishing line through just long enough and equally to hang these. It will take several long strand of thread for each sets of holes.Tie it all together to make one big loop.

Step 3: Last, Two Ways You Can Hang These

as for herb plant or flowers, you would want to fill bottom (the top of bottle is now bottom) with cotton material just barely enough to fill 1/10 of the whole bottle to hold dirt, giving oxygen to root and same time to retain just enough water that it will not be soggy for flower or herb. Fill dirt to 3/4 from lip, and plant in your potted flower or herb. then fill the rest with dirt.


If you wanted to grow upside-down tomato, bell pepper, or other vegetable. First carefully push in leaves through the neck of the bottle, when done just fill dirt all the way up. Leave top part open (was bottom of bottle, now is top) (cotton material is not needed for this type)

Hang those at where you wanted it. Either indoor or outdoor.



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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Way to keep things out of the landfill! Thanks for spreading this idea.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It just hit me, that if You cut the bottle in the middle (getting two like-sized parts), You can get two planters from every bottle, not needing to throw away the cut bottom.

    Would only need to make a hole in the bottom ;)

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    that will be ideal for small plants, and for those plants that need deep root, need the larger container.