Recycle Your Treated Wood Railing in Base Tree Contour




Intro: Recycle Your Treated Wood Railing in Base Tree Contour

Recycle your treated wood railing in base tree contour

Step 1: Convert Your Old Wood Railling in an Base Tree Contour

Remove your old wood railling and disassembled

Step 2: Dismantled the Wood Banister.

Dismantled the wood banister.

Step 3: Cut and Sanded All the Railing Bar.

cut and sanded.

Step 4: Assemble Each Boards With the Galvanize Mouldings Recycled From Your Old Swimming Pool.

I used a temporary spacer 3/8 " between the bar during I've fixed them below with galvanize moldings recycled from my old swimming pool. Also, I painted each galvanize moldings with "TREMCLAD" black before installation.

Step 5: The Dimensions I Have Used.

The dimensions I have used.

Step 6: The Final Look When It's Dyed and Assembled

Step 7: Before and After



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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    It look nicely, but it really not always full constant, I used the old wood that are not always super straight.

    Arbre Grillage description 2015-08-05 06 (12) copy.jpg