Recycled Baby Bib




Introduction: Recycled Baby Bib

This is a fun, and easy project. Makes a great baby shower gift! :D

You'll need:
  • Bib to make a template.
  • Food Wrapper Of Some Kind.
  • Flannel Or Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Thread
  • Velcro

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Step 1: Make a Template.

Trace your bib out onto a piece of paper or cardboard to make a template and cut it out.

Step 2: Wrapper

Put the template on top of your wrapper to make sure it's the going to work. You can make just about any wrapper work by cutting and taping it back together in the right shape.

Step 3: Fabric and Vinyl

When you have your wrapper all ready to go, put it on top of your fabric wrong side to wrong side and then put the piece of clear vinyl on top.

Step 4: Cut It Out.

Pin the template in place on top and cut around it.

Step 5: Sew It Up.

Remove the template and sew around the edge of the bib. This part can be a little tricky so go slow and make sure you sew through all three layers.

Step 6: All Done!

Trim the edge to make it neat, then add some velcro and you're all set! :D

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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 5

    do you have any suggestions so the vinyl doesnt stick? thnx.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    How does the food plastic hold up in the dryer? Would it be too hot and cause it to melt? Great idea.


    I just realized my question must have had you shaking your head lol. What I meant, was, does all the food land on the child's lap, and I'm guessing it might-I've raised 2 kids lol. Have you tried making a lip on the bottom to catch the spilt food? all you have to do then is shake the food into the composter. It's fast and easy. Thanks so much for sharing your idea!!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    That's a good idea! I'll have to add an extra step to the tutorial.


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 6

    Yeah, that's kind of the idea. ;)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    very nice you sell on etsy dont you?????I live in canada and at a thrift store found a purse made from koolaid packages my kids thought it was so neat....