Recycled Belt Collars - for Costuming or Pets!

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This is a fun and simple project that only requires a few basic tools and an old worn out belt. These collars can be made for your pets or customized as unique cosplay accessories for us humans! The one in this example would fit a large sized dog or an average person.

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Step 1: Getting Started

All you will need for this project is an old belt, a leather punch (or sharp pocket knife, or other item that can poke holes in the leather) scissors, a tape measure and glue.

If you don't have a non-usable belt in your home, they can be obtained very cheaply from Goodwill or other thrift stores. If you can find a long enough belt, there may even be enough material to make two collars, or a collar and a couple of bracelets!

I measured this belt to 20" inches and cut it at that mark, leaving a slightly rounded end. I sealed the end with glue. Any type of leather-bonding glue will work, simply to keep the end from fraying or separating over time.

Step 2: Add Buckle Holes

After your belt has been cut to your desired length and the end of it sealed, use your leather punch to add holes for the buckle, so you collar can be adjusted for best fit when worn.

Sometimes, the buckle on a belt will be damaged or the wrong style for your chosen look, so in that case you can alternately use Veclro as you collar closure. However, for pet use I would not reccomend Velcro since it can come too easily separated. Velcro is best for costume-collars only.

Step 3: Finishing Details

Now that your collar is completed, next comes the fun part of adding unique details! For the black collar used in this example, I added a simple ring with a "kitty bell" and sparkly beads, for a cute yet subtle appearance.

The second photo shows a variety of other collars I've made, using the same method. Some have buckles and some have Velcro attachments depending on chosen design or the portion of the belt that was used for making it. Chains, charms, and any kind of painted designs can be added. On these, I also included 3D-printed tags, painted in bright colors, for an extra-unique touch!

As you can see, there are endless creative possibilities for your recycled collars, so find an old belt and get started!



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