Recycled Birdfeeder




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Birdfeeder built using recycled objects: 
2L pop bottle
Lid from 2L ice cream tub
deck screw 1inch
plastic packaging from circular light bulb

1. At the bottom of bottle, cut small dime size holes in each bump around bottom.
Depending on the size of seed used, if the holes are too large, all the seed will just pour
all over the ground.
2. Put some small drain holes in ice cream lid. screw the deck screw from top side of ice cream lid
into centre bottom of pop bottle. I added some hot glue, just to tighten things up.
3. The clear plastic used for top is optional. It is to protect from moisture. Any piece os plastic will work, as
long as it is at least as large as ice cream lid, Which could be used as well. Cut a hole in centre
of  plastic top piece , using lid from pop bottle as guide. Slid over lid of bottle, so it rests on neck
of bottle. I secured with a bit of hot glue.
4. Drill hole thru neck just under lid and thread medium sized wire to create a hanger.
Alternately, wrap wire around neck to create hanger.
5. Gently, using a funnel, file with bird seed.
6. Hang out for birds. It can take up to a week for birds to find feeder. Once one bird finds it,
others will quickly follow.



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