Recycled Book Hiding Space

On this project I am planing on making a piggybank and a secret safe. Of corse the choice is up to you on what you are planing on using it for. This project does take some time.

First: what you will need is an old Book or to. I got mine at a flee market for cheap. Then you will need some white/wood glue, and water. It also helps with wax paper. The tools I used was a paint brush and racer blades, I also used something to mix in and mix with the glue and water with (plastic cup and str.)

First I will do the Piggybank and Then the steps that are changed on the secret safe.

Step 1: Glue

Step one: First you should blend the glue in with water. Get the blend thin, about 50/50. Then mark the center of the book and add a pice of wax paper, the wax paper is for letting me have a gap in the end of the build to cut in the paper. I then spread the glue with a cheap paint brush on the sides of the book.

On the secret safe you should place the wax paper in the front of the book instead.

Step 2: Drying

This is the longest step. what you want to do is to get some pressure, by placing other books on or just use your hand. After it is dry to the touch you can add an other layer, and let it dry over again.

This is the same on both Books.

Step 3: Cutting

This is the longest and most challenging step.This step has to wait until the glue if fully dried. First I marked where I was supposed to cut. On the piggybank I had do make a slot for the cash. I took the largest coin I had and made a mark, where the coin slot should be. I also made the dept. of the belly bigger then the slot so the coins wouldn't fall as easy back out. I did this on both sides of the wax paper of corse after it (the wax paper) was removed. Then i glued all the pages and corners. Then I made sure everything looked good before I put preacher on it for the last time.

The secret safe was almost the same. the only different is that I left one of the sides unglued to open and close the safe. I also did not have a coin slot on this book.

Step 4: Finishing

The last step is to only make beauty checks, as cutting away aces glue. Then only fill it to the rim.

Thanks for looking at my instructable! :)



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