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Introduction: Recycled Bottle Deer Lamp

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Hi All,

I like to reuse and recycle things around me. This lamp is made using recycling a soya sauce bottle and scrap plywood from my other projects

I usually save things to make something out of them .. some day...

Hope you like this

Step 1: What Do You Need ?


  • Scarp plywood
  • Copper LED stri light with battery
  • Empty glass bottle
  • Brown Acrylic paint
  • Fevicol / PVA glue


  • Hand saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper 80 grit and 220 grit

Step 2: Wood Cutting

  • Based on the bottle and t's dimensions, the wood need to be cut as shown
  • I am sharing dimensions as per the pictures
  • Cut each piece as show
  • Since I used plywood, while cutting the pieces came off, so I had to glue them together
  • I am using threads to clamp the pieces together and leave for 8 hours
  • Now using saw dust and PVA glue ( fevicol) fill in all the holes and leave to dry for 8 hrs
  • Sand all piece with 220 grit sandpaper
  • Paint all wood using brown acrylic paint

Step 3: Glass Bottle Etching

Glass bottle needs to be etched or frosted, there are frosting chemicals available, but even after 24hrs of soking the bottle in the etching cemical, I did not like the results. So decided to hand sand using a wet 220 grit sandpaper

Caution : Sanding glass will fill air with fine glass particles. Use Eyes and breathing protection

I soaked the bottle in water while standing and then flushed the water in toilet

Step 4: Assembly

  • Fill the bottle with the LED string lights
  • Fix the wooden pieces as a jigsaw puzzle
  • Place bottle on the deer

DIm the room lights to enjoy your creation

Please share your comments

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    Pretty cool...+1 for recycled