Recycled Bottles Into Pots Fore Growing Plants.




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This is a simple way to use old plastic bottles into pots for growing small plants. This requires a budget of zero dollars too and doesn't require any tools.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is 5 things a small plastic bottle and a larger plastic bottle. You will also need something to cut the bottles but be safe and don't cut yourself. Last you need potting soil and some seeds. I had all these things so I could do it for 0 dollars and I used seeds from an apple I ate. Note the soil is not in the picture

Step 2: Cutting

You will need to cut both bottles to a reasonable size and make sure that they're good even cuts or they won't stand up that well.

Step 3: Adding Soil and Seeds

You will need to take your soil and put it in the small bottle and then sprinkle your seeds over the dirt and last sprinkle a little dirt to cover the seeds with a little more dirt.

Step 4: Your Done!

Take your small bottle and put it on something to catch the access water wet the big bottle and put it over the small bottle. Put it in a sunny spot and watch it grow!

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