Recycled Bracelet

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Step 1: Gather!

Confession of a hoarder... I don't like to toss anything and tend to stock up thing that normally seem to be without use. This time it was this gold plastic code no. 6. I was told how impossible it was to recycle, but it fitted around my arm and seemed to be the perfect base for a bracelet! I also took a tie (i bought this huge box with 500 ties at a fair two years back), some metal my gran saved long ago and I inherited. Then I took the lovely pink silk thread I inherited too from someone out of the family that had been a clothier.

Step 2: Cut and Wind!

So the gold plastic base needed to loose the square bit to look like a bracelet. Take a knife and cut it off an make sure to not cut yourself in the process. Then you have two options of aplying the tie. I used a hot glue gun, but thread is possible too. Please only glue the inside as it will safe you a lot of trouble when you want to embroid it after the glue is dry. Make sure you overlap enough for the plastic not to show.

Step 3: Metalscrap

You can add anything you like ofcourse. Flat buttons, fourniture metal, anything you like actual. I liked this thing, it might be from an old tent. Needle and thread it is. Embroid it anyway you feel like it. Don't think too much about it.

Step 4: That's What You Get...

When you glue on the outside of the ring! My needle broke...

Step 5: Tadaaa, My First!

And there it is. Finished! Hope you liked it and will share yours!

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