Recycled Business Card Snowflakes (with Six-pointed Symmetry!)



Slow day at the office? Snowed-in craft time with kids?

If you have a box of old business cards with blank white backs, you can turn them into festive winter snowflake decorations.
While most paper snowflakes involve cutting out bits to make the lacy pattern, here we will add on bits that are all the same size
and shape rectangles to make the lacy pattern.

Step 1:

Start with two business cards (as long as one side is blank and white, the other side can be printed with your old job information, or whatever.)   Line them up so that they cross diagonally and the short edges are touching, and staple them together.

Step 2:

Staple a third business card in place to make a hexagon. The side length of the hexagon is the short side of your business card.

Step 3:

Now that you have a little hexagon to guide your symmetry, start building up your snowflake. Whatever you staple one side, staple it to all 6 sides.  A simple way to start is a business card facing the long way out.

Step 4:

Now you can add another 6 business cards in another orientation.  Each snowflake can be different!  (But each side of the hexagon should be the same.)

Step 5:

A few finished snowflakes starting with the central hexagon.   Happy crafting!



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