Recycle CMYK Inkjet Cartridges Into Marker Pens




I occasionally throw out cartridges of ink and noticed how full they still are even though the printer doesn't think so. I thought to attach some dried out old cheap markers on the end opening that connects to the printer. It is really simple. And works.

you will need:

1. not really empty ink cartridges.
2. a scalpel
3. a hot glue gun. hot and filled with glue.

Step 1:
plug in hot glue gun.

step 2:

Break the  marker pen. I broke it off right down to until the nib was protruding on both ends

step 3:
cut away obstructing plastic at the mouth of the cartridge with the scalpel, this is hazardous.

step 4:
Attach the nib to the cartridge and add a dollop of hot glue. I found turning the nib while the glue is still molten helps  distribute it evenly.

Step 5:
Allow to cool then colour away.

ammends: I thought that if I didn't break off so much of the  marker  I could put a cover on them to keep them from drying out. You could use the marker's original soft core to draw the ink to the nib. I'll try that next time. I was also thinking you could use any nibs, like brush pens or old fountain pens/ rollerballs, even combine the cartridges at the nib to get different colour mixes...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea -- it really bugs me when I know there is still ink in there but my printer balks. Anyway, another idea for printer inkjet cartridges is to take them to a church or school for recycling. It beats tossing them in our landfills.

    Nice 'structable