Recycled Cable Organizer




My cables were getting lost and tangles in my backpack and desk, and this super simple idea came to me. It took me about 5 minutes to make these and it cost me nothing.

Step 1: Tools

All you need for this is something that is thick enough to hold it's shape and a tool to cut it. I used some cardboard I had from a recent move and a craft knife, but this idea is flexible. The cardboard does wear down over time, so I think in the future I might want to use some type of plastic (maybe cut up some old jar lids).

Step 2: Outline Shape

The concept isn't difficult and as you can see you can use any shape that will have a space to hold the cable. There's plenty of room here to get creative.

Step 3: Cut Out Shape

Use your knife (or similar cutting tool) to cut out your shape. Make sure to test how deep your divot is with the cable. Then at either side slice a slit that will hold the ends of the cable. As easy as that you have a super simple cable holder.

Step 4: Optional: Hanging Loop

By cutting a small hole in the side of your organizer (provided it has the space) you can easily slide a hair tie or band through the hole and tie a cow hitch. It makes a nice hold to find the cable in a bag or in the case of my bat a fictional piece of halloween decor.



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