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Looking at the picture i don't think you would ever believe that the the base is a tuna fish can :-)..
well read on to checkout how this came out to be. 

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Step 1: Things You Need

An empty tuna fish tin
any fabric lying around...i used jute.
clay candle pot
shells to decorate or anything you like

Step 2:

pour water in to your cans and freeze it.
once it's hard...mark the diameter of your clay pot candle on the can
nail holes and then cut it. do it before the water melts...else your tin will get warped.
now...draw the diameter of the can on styrofoam and cut it. glue it to the can.
now cover the whole can with fabric...i used jute.
you could just paste your clay pot candle and leave it like that or go to the next step

Step 3: Decoreate!

you could now hot glue some shells and then apply white glue all the blank space and then roll it in sand or crushed up shells with sand...
and viola you have a beautiful sea sand candle holder!
hope you like it

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    I agree.. :-) we collected fact kilos of shells when were were on holiday in Maldives.