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Introduction: Recycled Cardboard Lamp

Hello, today I leave you a tutorial created by me for people who like cardboard crafts.
It is a ceiling lamp. I leave you a short description of the construction process and a FREE link to download the full PDF tutorial. In it there are instructions and templates for construction. You must print the templates in DIN A4 full-unscaled and check that the bars of 150mm of the first page templates have the correct length. If the measurements of the bars are not correct the cardboard pieces will not fit, so this step is important.

Step 1:

The materials for this lamp are: cardboard packaging of a channel, cutter, glue, hot glue, adhesive kraft paper .... and little else.

In addition to electric cable and bulbs as it is a real lamp. I had not mentioned but is a fully functional lamp.

This is a starting point for anyone to decorate to your taste: painting, scrapbooking, fabric, etc ... . The first steps are printing templates, attach the DIN A 4 and then cut the cardboard.

The parts are attached with masking tape on the outside and inside stick with hot glue. The last step is to place the power cord and bulbs, I usually use "LED" bulbs.

Step 2:

I hope you like and enjoy building it.

Step 3:

This is the link to download the manual (It is only in Spanish. But it is very simple to understand because almost all are photos).

Another of my work you have it for sale in "Etsy", if you are interested. The shop is called "ZumoDeMonte".

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    very good work


    4 years ago

    Jesus mola mucho la lampara.
    Felicidades por el proyecto :-)