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Introduction: Recycled Cardboard Pendant

Hi.. today I will how how to make cardboard pendant. This is a total DIY project and you can easily do it without any hassles. And this is a complete RECYCLED product that you would love to learn...

So lets start...

Step 1:

Things Needed -

Piece of Medium Weight Cardboard
1 Eye Pin
(generally used for Jewelry making)
Lots of paper cuttings of different alphabets of different FONTS
(just cut it randomly from any newspaper and magazines)

Step 2:

Just cut a shape out and trace it on to the extra cardboard to create a double.

Why - This is to make your pendant hard and thick!!

Step 3:

Crimp the Eye Pin side to side and make sure it fits your shape properly. Slather glue over one side of a cardboard face, plop down the crimped eye pin so that the eye is centered at the top.

Tip - Please use a very strong glue so that it doesn't come off while wearing. You can also use Glue Gun, if that suits you.

Step 4:

Glue one face of the second cardboard cutout- press together to form a 'sandwich' and then cut any excess cardboard edges to make the edges as even as possible.

Step 5:

The base is complete, no its time to cut RANDOM LETTERS from newspaper, magazines, cards...whatever you feel can be good for the decoration.

Step 6:

So, you've made your base and now it is time to decorate. Just remember to start sticking on your lettering by starting on the edges- then when you get to the center make sure to cover both faces with letters prior to adding your final touches such as phrases or words.

You want to do 'feature' things last so you can place them anywhere without having to position them to hide cardboard!

Step 7:

Let it dry and use some glaze to seal the pendant. You can also use any base nail color coat for the purpose

Step 8:

One last idea- if you find something awesome while you are clipping out your letters don't be afraid to set it aside and reserve it for a special place on your pendant project. See the perfect letters to spell out LOVE? Set them aside and make sure to place them last in the perfect position- planned perfection!


Now enjoy wearing your self made pendant!!!

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    I really love this project! SO many variations come to mind. I have to wear a badge at work. The holder is unattractive and cheap plastic-looking. I think I will make several of these in different arrangements and colors. Instead of the pin, I think I will affix a flat LEGO onto the badge carrier and a flat LEGO on the back of each of the broaches so I can have interchangeable badge covers to match my work wardrobe. Thanks!