Recycled Cd Clock


Introduction: Recycled Cd Clock

Recycled Cd Clock
Parts List: old burned cd`s old desk clock from thrift store for 50 cents cause it didnt work but i fixed with tinkering picked a pattern i liked glued together with superglue thanks for viewing.



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    instructions on how the clock is attached would be nice along with how you suspend it to the wall and if the clock face is original to the thrift store clock or modified in any way. Thanks

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    its hung on the wall with white thumb tacks through the holes of the cd the clock face is original and its all held together with super glue

    I agree, please show us how you actually did it. Do you need to cut the CDs at all to fit the clock through??

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    Just popped the face and hands off the clock and the base of the clock is glued right behind the center cd and place the clock face and arms back on .