Recycled Craft Ideas: How to Make Utility Basket From Recycled Craft




Introduction: Recycled Craft Ideas: How to Make Utility Basket From Recycled Craft

About: I am a passionate crafter from India. Making unique DIY crafts using recycled materials is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

DIY Recycled Craft Projects are always fun as you are made to push the boundaries of your imagination to create best out of waste products. This Plastic Bottle Craft is one such specimen of Plastic Bottle Recycle Crafts. There is always an imaginative and useful way of using plastic bottles for Recycled Craft Ideas.

This utility basket made from Plastic Bottlesis one of the best ways to make useful crafts using plastic bottles. You can use this pretty recycled basket for so many things. Use it as a smart storage idea to keep all your things in place and it also makes it super easy to find them.

Watch the step by step complete tutorial on how to make the Recycled Plastic Bottle Basket.

Step 1: Material Required!

Sometimes. u think of trashing something out and suddenly it comes to use in the most creative of ways. That is exactly the kind of things that are needed to make the recycled bottle craft:




Plastic Bottle


Glue Gun

Black paper

Decorative ribbon

Decorative Stones

Nail Paint

Glossy Sheet

Step 2: Cut the Bottle!

To prepare the bottle for the craft, cut and remove the upper portion of the bottle.

Then make lines at an equal distance of 2 cm and make stripes.

Cut along them.

Step 3: It's Time to Weave!

Take the woolen yarn and begin to weave it through the gaps of the plastic bottle.

Keep weaving till you cover the bottle.

In the end cover the edge of the bottle with a decorative lace.

Step 4: Make the Handle!

Take a 2 cm wide black color paper strip as long as required for the basket.

Paste decorative lace on it and paste it on the edge of the basket, with a glue gun.

Your handle for the basket is ready.

Step 5: Decorate Your Craft!

Take a glossy sheet and make butterflies using the paper.

Stick them on the handle of the basket.

Take an orange Nail paint and make a polka dotted pattern on the transparent surface of the bottle.

Paste some decorative stones on the bottle.

Step 6: Your Plastic Bottle Basket Is Ready!

There is no way that you would not make this amazing and super easy Recycled Plastic Bottle Craft making DIY Recycled Project. Making best out of waste crafts is so much fun. Use this fantastic Recycled Plastic Bottle Basket as an organizer for your stationery supplies or for your dressing table to keep your makeup too! A plastic Bottle Utility Basket is the best way to make a recycled home decoration idea and have fun in a cleaner and greener way.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the Recycled Plastic Bottle Craft.

Step 7:

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    Cool! Great use of recycled materials :)