Recycled Denim Jeans Parts Bracelets




Introduction: Recycled Denim Jeans Parts Bracelets

These bracelets are made from the waistband (buttonhole end) of jeans and the middle bracelet from a small piece of the side seam.

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Step 1: Supplies

Denim jeans or any kind of pants actually, depending on the look you want. For the center bracelet you need pants with a flat felled seam. Tape measure, scissors, marking pencil or pens, needle and thread, jewelry hooks and rings for closing and charms for center bracelet, and cool decorations, pins and buttons.

Step 2: Instuctions

For the top and bottom bracelets, measure wrist and cut the waistband from the end that has the buttonhole, trimming close to the stitching on the bottom edge of waistband and overlapping a couple of inches. Overcast or satin stitch either by hand or machine the unfinished cut, short edge. Sew on a pretty decorative button that will fit through the buttonhole. Decorate the rest of you bracelet as you wish. I love pretty buttons. The center bracelet cut from the side seam has ribbon crimps glued and clamped to the ends and a hook and ring with charms attached to the ribbon crimps. Decorate as you wish.

Step 3:

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    Horse Lunger

    5 years ago on Introduction

    So far I think this is the best one in the bracelet contest!