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Introduction: Recycled Dog House

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Hi There, Thanks For Reading!

It was a blazing hot summers day, when my mum asked me to help her to move the table into the garden.
My dear Mother had ordered a new table. Poor old Table, It was such a waste and dissapointment to see it go - all the years we dined on it. I had to save it!

And then I had a Eureka moment - We was soon planning to bring a pup Into our family - So I thought what better idea could there have been than to recycle the table into a garden dog house.

So first - I honestly havent really worked with wood before exept in school a few times, so i decided it would be best to plan out a design in google sketchup. The Result? A practical Kennel that also looks great!

I was set to make and knew my aim.
Now you may be wondering what mesurments I cut the wood too but i'll have to be honest - I have no clue at all. But what I can tell you is that the finished product roughly is 80x40cm. I worked out the size by drawing the different sides needed onto the table after I'dismounted the legs and frame. I kinda just guessed the panels nessacery height ect, becouse i knew i was planning on a small breed.

The only wood i used was the table, exept form the roof which was made from some thin plywood and roofing felt.

I cut using a jigsaw and joint the kennel together with a fully charged drill (wow did i realy just get to say that!?) and screws.

The roof was held together with some triangle pieces that were holding the frame to the table.

The Photos show the design and the kennel. Unfortunatly i always seem to forget the 'take the pictures of the making procces' Dammit!

My dog is now 10 months and loves his kennel. I Plan on having a number put on the front and his name - Rocco
As far as hows the current condition part, the kennel is in good nick and has survived a very very cold and long winter although i havent varnished it!*

Thanks again,


*I soon plan to do this and it also depends on the wood your using.

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