Recycled Dress




Introduction: Recycled Dress

100% recycled cocktail dress anyone can make

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Step 1: Intro

Welcome to an instructable for a super simple recycled dress anyone can make! This lightweight dress requires minimal materials and no skill. Just some time and out of the box thinking!

Step 2: Materials

Tape measure
Note cards
Garbage bags (a lot)

Step 3: First

Prep your grocery bags
Cut off the handles and the bottom then make one cut from top to bottom. Now you have one pannel do that 40 more times

Step 4: Second

Take your measurements :3
No for real, measure your torso and bust
Use your bust measurements and lay out the index cards. If you line them up vertically 1row is all you need. After lining up enough cards to equate the measurements you just took add a second layer on top of that one for stability. Remember to stager these and all you really need is a glue stick to do this. Now set this aside for the glue to dry. This piece will be henceforth referred to as the band.

Step 5: Third

Your gonna hate me after this.
Take that string and cut a piece as long as your bust plus three inches (or 5centimerers) using yourself as a model knot the two ends of the string together. Make sure the loop is lose enough to take off yet tight enough so it won't fall of on its own. Now take the loop of string off and get ready to hate the heck out of me. Remember those grocery bags you cut apart? Start slip knowing them on the loop of string exactly like your making a tutu.

Step 6: Last

Once your done knotting your loop full of bags it should look full and really cool if it doesn't add more bags until it dose everyone is different so the pooffieness is up to you! Now it time to put exert thing together! Take the band dry by now and rap it around your bust. A just for size and tape down the excess. Take the band off and put the loop on. Now put the band on overtop and grab the tape. Tape the string to the band so the poof falls at the length you want. Your done! Enjoy

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    Oh the dubious camera phone! From what i can see, it looks great, keep up the great work!