Recycled Hidden Mouse Safe

Introduction: Recycled Hidden Mouse Safe

The Hidden Mouse Safe is virtually undetectable, unless your looking at it. to hide the mouse, you could either put it in a box with other random computer parts, or hook it up to your computer.

for this project you will need:

an old broken mouse

a hot glue gun

and a screw driver

Step 1: Disassembling the Mouse

First you need to remove the screw(s) from the back of the mouse, and remove the components. if the cord is plugged into the circuit board, remove it. if it is soldered, cut it. Then set the circuit board aside.

Step 2: Reassembling It

With the circuit board set aside, put all the other components back together, glue the clear plate on the bottom to the case. and put the wheel in. Then put the wire back in its place and glue it on. Put whatever you want into the mouse case. Then put the top on. You can screw it on or not, depends on your choice.

Step 3: The Leftovers

With the circuit board, you could unsolder all the joints and then use the components, or you could recycle it.

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