Recycled Holiday Card Boxes




Introduction: Recycled Holiday Card Boxes

At the end of the holiday season, do you have a lot of cards you don't know what to do with?  Well here is the perfect use for them and solution to your problem!

It's practicle, simple, quick, and saves you money!

  • Old Christmas cards
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Ruler
  • Paperclips (optional)

Step 1:

First, get together a stack of Christmas cards you don't mind cutting up.

Step 2:

Second, cut the card in half on the fold.

Step 3:

Then take one half of the card and make four 1 inch lines one inch from the edge of the card. (The lines can be any size you want depending on the size of box you want.)

Step 4:

Cut along the lines you have just drawn.

Step 5:

Fold in the sides of your box.

Step 6:

Glue each of the flaps of your box together.  You can either hold the flaps or paperclip them to dry.

Step 7:

Repeat these steps for the other side of the card, and now you have the top and bottom of your box! They can be made any size and used for jewelry, candy, gift boxes, or whatever else you can think of.

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6 years ago on Step 7

This is a great up-cycling idea. I need small inexpensive boxes to store my beads and this sounds like it might just work. Thanks so much for sharing.