Recycled Home Decorations

Introduction: Recycled Home Decorations

 So we are going to make homeGlow bracelets for kids party favors.

You will need the folowing materials (items may vary):
     *plastic rings from 6 pks. of canned pop (try not to stretch them out when removing the can)
     *glow in the dark fabric paint, neon markers, and/or paints, choose what colors 
     *scissors, old newspaper
     *Blacklight (any light will work Blacklight is just stronger) / sunlight

         Now start with whatever color or texture you like. Now for this example I choose
glow fabric paint. 
         Apply the paint lightly so it does not end up running and forming clumps in the bends, spread as evenly as you can. (you may repeat this step if wanted thicker or to glow stronger). Let dry atleast 6 hours 
       When they are dry, take them and cut them into 6 kid glow in thedark bracelets for pretty much nothing, no cost at all. 
       For glowing -  let sit in black light for atleast 10 minutes or sun will work;
        Go where its dark and enjoy these bracelets for hours of fun.

  ***glowing time varies depending on materials*****
         Your finished but there is endless different designs and combinations that could be done with this.....

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