Recycled Journal With Etched Quote From Henry Ford

I make recycled journals and notebooks out of discarded books.  To add a new dimention to them by adding a quote with the laser cutter to the cover of a discarded REaders Digest Condensed Book.

I made this at the TechShop.

Materials Needed:
Membership to the TechShop
Laser Cutter
Corel Draw X5
Discarded Readers Digest Condensed Book
Assorted Paper
Zutter Binder
O wire

Step 1: Prepare Your Book

I find Readers Digest Condensed books have the prettiest covers and are very easy to find at used book sales. 

I use an exacto knife and remove the covers.  Then trim them on a paper cutter.

Step 2: Prepare Your Quote

Next pick a quote you want on your book. 

I chose a quote from Henry Ford "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently"

I then typed the quote in corel draw and prepared it to print on the laser.

Step 3: Punch Your Covers and Your Inside Papers

Next gather your paper and cut to fit inside the book.

Then punch the holes in the paper to get ready for the binding.

Next punch the holes in the cover.

Step 4: Put on the O Wire

Next put the O wire on your book to get ready to bind it.

Step 5: Bind Your Journal

Last use the zutter binder to bind your book.



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