Recycled Capri Sun Alien

I used a sewing machine with heavy nylon thread to sew Capri Sun juice packs together! The hardest part was cleaning them before use. I rinsed them in a mixture of water and bleach, making sure the rinse got inside of the pack. I then used a rolling pin on the juice packs between two towels to get the liquid rinse out.

I sewed velcro on each end of the shoulder straps, that way I could put the dress onbackwards first, attach one end of the straps to the velcro, then slide the dress around forward and attach the front ends of the straps. There is a zipper sewn into the back and the necklace is made out of the yellow straws that I cut in half and then strung onto some string. The boots are spray painted winter boots, and the headband is covered in foil with pipe cleaners and styrofoam balls. I did not sit down in this costume, but it was worth standing all day and night! Hope it inspires you to recycle too!



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